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(Last Modified: 21st October 2013)

Welcome to the on-line home of Artificial Immune Systems


  • Update on ICARIS: Following the drop in submissions in 2013 coupled with the difficult economic climate that led us to run ICARIS 2013 as a track at ECAL, the new ICARIS SC is currently working hard to evaluate the best way forward for ICARIS in the future, in terms of both its frequency and format. More news will be posted here as soon as possible but it is unlikely that ICARIS will run in 2014 as a standalone conference.

    However - in the meantime we are pleased to support a proposal to run an AIS track at GECCO 2014 which will provide an outlet for people working within AIS to publish their work next year, particularly for those working on applications/algorithmic work.

    Please note that the GECCO track is not a replacement for ICARIS but will hopefully provide a useful interim venue for many AIS researchers to meet and share their work with each other and the wider community in 2014 while the future of ICARIS is resolved.

  • The membership of the ICARIS Steering Committee has changed : We welcome Dr Thomas Jansen, Dr Melanie Moses and Dr Joannes Textor to the Committee. The Committee would like to extend their thanks to the retiring members (Prof Jon Timmis, Dr Peter Bentley, Prof. Stephanie Forrest, Prof. Guiseppe Nicosia, Prof. Christian Jacob and Prof. Doheon Lee) for the dedication and hard work they have put in over previous years that enabled us to run 11 very successful ICARIS conferences, bringing together researchers from biology, engineering and computer science.
  • Papers from the ICARIS track held at ECAL 2013 can be freely downloaded
  • Special Issues of Journals Relating to AIS

  • Special Issue on Advances in Artificial Immune Systems, in the journal Evolutionary Intelligence Vol. 4(2) 2011 .
  • Special issue on the interaction between computation and biology. Natural Computing Vol 10(1). 2011.
  • A special issue in the Natural Computing journal that focusses on AIS - Vol 10(1) Part II. More information can be found journal website
  • Special Issue on Theoretical Aspects of Artificial Immune Systems published in the Journal of Theoretical Computer Science Vol 412, Issue 6, Pages 499-560. 2011
  • A special issue on AIS in Swarm Intelligence. More information can be found on the journal website
  • Please feel free to explore this website.

    If you have any news or features to add to the website, then please email Jon Timmis, jondottimmis at york dot ac dot uk with the relevant information and it will be uploaded.